Flat Roofs

Alongside pitched roofs, we frequently work with flat roofs, both repairing and construction. Skilled and well versed in the four main types of flat roofs, the traditional bitumen method, lead flat roofs and the more recent techniques of rubber and fibre glass, we assure all our flat roof work is done to the highest standard fully compliant with the latest building regulations.

Fibre Glass Roof

Fibre glass roofs (glass reinforced plastic), has quickly become one of the most popular methods of flat roofing, overtaking that of bitumen, lead and rubber. This has largely been due to its durability in relation to its cost and relative ease of installation(in comparison to other techniques) .

Lasting roughly 25 years, it can work on complex roof shapes, leaves no joints, is fairly easy to repair and looks good aesthetically, because of this at has become the main method we now use as a roofing company for flat roofs (when necessary we will install led, rubber or bitumen).