How to reroof on houses that share the same roof.


A common issue faced in the Devon and Cornwall region is how to reroof, semi-detached properties with a shared roof, where only a section of the roof is being reroofed. In such instances, it becomes crucial to establish a lead join in the roof when two or more occupants share a roof. This is especially vital for seamless roof maintenance and to facilitate individual re-roofing projects for specific sections of the property.

To accomplish the division on the roof, an artificial join is created. After stripping the slate, a 3×1-inch piece of timber is placed down the roof. The next step involves crafting appropriate lead soakers and flashing down the joint to provide an effective water-tight seal. Subsequently, the slating process continues seamlessly up to this join, ensuring a structurally sound and weather-resistant solution for both sides of the semi-detached property. This approach not only addresses the practicalities of shared roofs but also ensures that maintenance and renovations can be carried out efficiently without impacting the property.


(Lead join in between a Brazilian and delabole regular slate roof)

(lead join with a step in-between two Brazilian slate roof)