Types of roof

20th October 2022

There Are Bats In My Roof! A Guide To Roofing & Bats

As roofers, we encounter bats in many of the houses that we work on. And that’s a good thing! Bats are a key part of our local ecosystems, and ...

15th September 2022

What is the difference between UK roofing and US roofing?

One thing that our customers often say to us is that whenever they Google technical roofing questions, they’re met with search results and ...

4th August 2022

What Is A Timber Frame Roof?

When was the timber frame roof first used in Britain? The use of timber in Britain goes back a long way. Since at least the early Saxon era, the ...

20th May 2022

How Much Does It Cost For A New Roof In The UK In 2022?

As the cost of living rises, many of us are checking our bank statements a little bit more regularly. But life doesn’t stop. Houses get ...