Delabole/Rag Slate

4th June 2019

Delabole Slate (Irregular) - Warbstow, Cornwall

A complete reroof of a house in Warbstow, North Cornwall. Delabole slate was reused, slate being brought in to replace the breakages.

12th March 2019

Delabole Rag Slate (Irregular) - Boyton, Cornwall

A complete new roof, constructed from scratch and then slated with Delabole irregular rag slate, to give a traditional cottage feel to the property.

20th August 2018

Delabole Rag Slate (Irregular) - Wadebridge, Cornwall

The chapel’s roof was replaced as part of a restoration project using rag-slate from Delabole. The slope was dismantled, and rotting wood ...

20th August 2018

Regular Delabole - Launceston, Cornwall

New roof constructed, and then slated with regular Delabole slate, on a barn conversion in the Launceston, Cornwall area. Velux skylights were ...