Roofing Projects to Increase the Value of Your House


We all want our homes to be safe, cosy, and beautiful. But our houses are also important for our financial health. They are valuable assets. Knowing how to manage these assets and increase their value can help us plan for our futures. Knowing when to sell our homes and how much they might sell for can be crucial when we’re making plans for our future.

For example, if you have children heading off to university or moving out, selling your house could help provide for them too. So, you’ve been dreaming up ways to increase the value of your house? Well, you may not have considered how your roof might affect the selling price of your property.

Here are some ways that renovating or extending your roof area can greatly improve the value of your house. (And make it a nicer place to live in too!) There are many methods to add to the potential of your home; roofing is one way to increase the value of your house.

In this article, we will be giving you some of the best roofing ideas to increase the value of your house.

A new roof might return up to 63 % of your investment. Nice. A good quality roof won’t leak, sag, have broken tiles and will be in great condition. This is one of the first things that most buyers will consider when deciding whether to buy a house or not.

Extensions and loft conversions:

A roofing project (such as an expansion) can increase the value of your house up to £20,000!

It’s a big job to add an extension to a house, but there’s no better time than now. New year, new me and all that. Single-storey expansions contribute roughly 4–7% to the value of a home, whereas double-storey extensions add up to 11%. This is about £26,000 for the average UK home. (And probably even more for homes in beautiful Cornwall!)

And when considering how best to use your newfound space, why not turn a loft conversion into a home office? A home office can add £20,000 to the value of your property. It’s a wise investment. A home office expansion could increase the value of your home by 8.4%. This number is likely to rise as more people choose to (or have to) work from home full-time.

Working from home isn’t going anywhere

After all, working from home is more cost-effective for businesses. Who doesn’t want a pleasant, functional office space in their house! Putting a home office in your loft is practical as well as valuable. Being in the loft removes you from the hustle and bustle of the main house downstairs.

It’s all about the look.

Exterior parts are very significant since they are the most obvious to purchasers. Your roof should be kept in good condition. After all, it is positioned in a prominent location at the top of your home. It is rather noticeable!

Common roof problems and when you should get a roofer to fix them!

Some common roof problems that home-owners may want to get fixed before selling their houses include:

Worse, as temperatures drop in the winter, the water that collects beneath the surface might freeze. When water freezes, it expands and presses against the shingles. This creates a hole that allows more water to enter. By the time spring arrives, you’ve already encountered a slew of roofing issues. January and February are good times to get roofing work done before the damage gets any worse!

So, those are our top recommendations for roofing projects that will increase the value of your house.

Always remember that we are here to give you advice, come for a roof inspection, and provide quotes on roofing projects. Now is a great time of year to be getting on with home renovations. We look forward to collaborating on your roofing projects and ideas!