2nd February 2023

What is dry ridge roofing and why is everyone using this new system?

For most of our ridge jobs now, we use a fairly new method of fixing ridges tiles down and securing them together. This newer method is called ...

7th April 2022

Why Is My Roof Leaking?

April showers are a real thing! Whilst showers may ‘bring May flowers’, these small, frequent amounts of rainfall can cause problems ...

15th February 2022

Welsh Slate: The Best Slate For Roofing?

As Wales is the Celtic cousin of Cornwall, we love using the beautiful and high-quality Welsh slate. In fact, many roofers believe Welsh slate ...

3rd February 2022

Chinese Slate: is good quality?

Chinese slate is a popular type of roofing slates around. Its relatively low cost makes it a popular choice for many roofers and their ...

27th January 2022

The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Slate

Brazilian Slate: Pros and Cons Brazilian slate is one of the most popular slates used in roofing in Britain today. Look at any roof in Cornwall, ...

8th March 2019

Rag Slate (or Delabole slate): The Difference Between Standard and Rag Slate

The history of rag slate, or Delabole slate Rag slate (also known as Delabole irregular slate) is unique to Cornwall and Devon. Bristow & ...